Getting to know our clients is critical so we can put forward the right people.

Stand out with a great C.V and interview skills

  Our programme of support for candidates is there because we want you to succeed! We know that you can stand out with a great C.V. and interview skills. Having the right C.V. and being well prepared for an interview is essential for anyone who is looking for a new job. Marketing yourself with the

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What Makes A Great Boss?

    What Makes A Great Boss? At Jaguar White Recruitment we are passionate about finding our candidates job roles that they love. When we speak to them about what they are looking for in a role one key criteria is a great boss! But what makes a great boss? We’ve taken a look at

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Best Business Women Awards

October 2019 was an exciting month for the Jaguar White Recruitment Team as we were finally able to celebrate the winner of the award category that we sponsored for the 2019 Best Business Women Awards. The Best Business Women Awards celebrate the inspiring women who work so hard to bring their best to a range

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Returning to work after a break 

  It can be pretty daunting going back to work after an extended career break. With the rapid pace of technology in today’s world, you might be worried that your skills are out of date. You may even have decided on a new career path!  Life may have thrown you some challenges, hence taking time

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What Is The Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap refers to the difference in pay that men and women receive for doing the same roles within a company. It’s often been an open secret that in many organisations men get higher salaries than their female counterparts.  Legislation has attempted to create more transparency around pay. Companies with more than 250

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The Challenge Of A Career Change

  If you’ve been thinking about a career change recently then you’ll know what a big and often life changing decision it really is. Many people we help here at Jaguar White Recruitment are in the position where they already have a well-established career and a good reputation – but something just doesn’t feel right

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What Questions Should Candidates Be Asking Potential Employers?

Preparing for an interview is vital. Consider the questions you may be asked. Remember that an interview is actually a two way street. Meeting your potential new employers is the ideal chance for you to find out more information. You need to know about the job role and the company culture. This will help you

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Are You Tempted By Temping?

Could temping be for you? Are you looking for a flexible job which can fit around your other commitments? Do you want a job but are you just not sure what role or even what industry you want to work in? Or are you struggling to find your dream role due to lack of experience?

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