Stand out with style at your interview

Stand out with style at your interview

How to stand out with style at your interview 

So you’ve written the perfect CV and  you have now been invited for an interview! You must prepare for the interview to get the job offer you’ve been dreaming of. It is important to stand out with style!

Dress to impress at your interview 

With some interviews now online and some will be face to face its important to consider how you dress.  Research has shown that people make their first impressions of you in the first few minutes of meeting you. This impression will be greatly influenced by how you are dressed. You may only have a 30 minute interview slot so you need to make every second of it count. Dressing well both dynamically and appropriately can really give you a head start on the other candidates and ensure you stand out with style!

Choose colours for confidence 

Choosing the right colours can help your confidence and influence how you are perceived in an interview.

Experts recommend that you keep your base colours neutral choosing navy or grey over black – which can seem too sombre and imposing.  To stand out with style add a touch of colour with scarves, necklaces, ties or handkerchiefs. Pale pastels help you to come across as friendly and approachable, whereas red will help you appear dynamic and motivated.

Don’t be tempted to dress down

One mistake that many candidates make is to dress down for a job if the role is based within a casual environment.  Our advice is never to do this as it can give the impression that you don’t take the interview, or the job, seriously. Even if on a day to day basis you would be wearing casual clothes in the workplace we recommend that you should still choose business wear for your interview. This can make you stand out from the crowd and shows that you really value the role.  Do not to wear anything which could be seen as inappropriate such as a tie with a cartoon character on or revealing clothes that might be more suited to a nightclub!

Do some research on individual company styles

Different industries often have their own dress codes so do some research about the office style of the company that is interviewing you. Law and accountancy firms will often favour a very traditional style. This will be based around tailored suits and incorporating dark and neutral colours. However PR firms or advertising agencies might go for a more brightly coloured high fashion look.  If you are attending a variety of interviews within different industries choose a good quality basic suit which you can accessorise to fit in with the company ethos.

Get some professional advice

Talk to a style and image consultant. Carol Hanson ( in our video above) offers style advice.  A personal stylist can help you asses your business wardrobe. They can pick out colours and styles that will help you to create the right impact.  Creating a stylish interview outfit will add to your confidence and improve your interview performance.

We run online courses on interview skills. Please click here to find out more. 

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